Combined/​Cumulative GPA Calculator

Do you need to calculate your cumulative or combined GPA? Maybe you transferred from a community college to a university, and the new university isn't including your old credits in your new GPA. Now you're trying to apply to grad school, create a resume, or maybe you just want to put an exact number to all that hard work you did for so many years. Either way, you've come to the right place!

Just fill in the following form and hit "calculate" to get your combined GPA from both schools.

TIP: Don't include pass/fail classes in the credits. For example, if you took 100 credits but 8 were taken pass/fail, then enter 92 in the credits box.

TIP: If you went to more than two schools, press the "plus" button to add a school.

TIP: You can find your GPA and total credits taken on your transcript

School 1

School 2